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Bank Robber Motivated by Prison Benefits

June 24, 2011

In my years of practice as a criminal appeals lawyer, I have never had a client who wanted to get caught for a crime and go to prison.  Nevertheless, the ABA Journal recently reported on such an individual.  A North Carolina bank robber committed his crime for an unexpected reason.  James Verone passed a note [...]

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How About a Week in Cabo for a Death Penalty?

April 1, 2011

As a criminal appeals lawyer, I have noticed a disturbing trend developing in a number of prosecutor offices around the country.  Supervisors and elected prosecutors are offering prosecutors in their offices bonuses based on their conviction rates or number of cases tried in a given year resulting in criminal convictions.  The bonuses have taken the [...]

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Want Out of Prison? Talk To a Texas Criminal Appeals Lawyer

March 18, 2011

Even though you have been convicted, you still have important legal rights that must be protected.  A Texas criminal appeals lawyer can advise you of your options and explain to you the legal issues that may be available in an appeal or application for habeas corpus. You Need a Criminal Law Specialist Trying to appeal [...]

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A Criminal Appeals Lawyer’s Foolish Client

March 4, 2011

An article in the American Bar Journal caught my attention this week.  It was about a law student who foolishly decided to be her own criminal appeals lawyer. A fool for a client The law student was ticketed for a traffic offense.  She represented herself at trial.  She then served as her own criminal appeals lawyer [...]

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Could I See Your Bar Card?

January 17, 2011

I recently read an article about a convicted felon in Illinois pretending to be a lawyer for over five years.  He represented dozens of individuals in court before he was caught.  Authorities speculated he honed his legal skills from his own experiences of being prosecuted as a defendant.  He further refined his courtroom prowess by [...]

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Communicating The Plea Offer, or “I Thought I Told You About That”

December 5, 2010

Plea bargaining is a fact of life in the criminal justice system.  Over 90% of all criminal prosecutions are resolved by means of a plea agreement between the prosecution and the defense. Plea bargaining can be an ongoing process with multiple plea offers over a protracted period of time.  Once an agreement is reached between [...]

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When Lawyers Become Criminals

December 1, 2010

Over the last year, I have worked on two cases in which trial lawyers engaged in criminal conduct related to the crimes for which their former clients were convicted.  This is a fertile area for both appeal and habeas corpus challenges to my client’s conviction. Conflict Of Interest When a lawyer commits a crime related [...]

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