For Lawyers

A successful law practice is always the result of a good reputation and word-of-mouth.  Rick Wetzel is proud of the fact that most of his clients are the result of attorney referrals.  As a lawyer, it is rewarding to know that your colleagues respect you enough to refer clients to you.  Those referrals are the foundation of Rick’s practice.

Client Referrals

Rick Wetzel welcomes the opportunity to associate with other lawyers looking for assistance with criminal appeals. Whether you are assisting a client, friend or relative in locating a criminal appeals lawyer, Rick  welcomes the opportunity to discuss the case with you–on the telephone or in person.  Referral fees are gladly paid, to the extent allowed by T.R.D.C. 1.04.

Appellate Assistance For Criminal Trials

The best offense is a good defense.  Too often appellate issues are not thoroughly considered until after the criminal trial is over.  Doesn’t it make more sense to incorporate appellate planning into the criminal trial?   Rick will be glad to assist you in the issue-spotting and preparation of potentially powerful appellate issues during the pre-trial phase, as well as trial assistance to ensure that appellate issues are adequately briefed and preserved for the criminal appeals process.

Please take a few moments to review Rick’s attorney profile.  You will be hard-pressed to find a more qualified, skilled, or experienced criminal appeals lawyer to assist your clients.