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It is very unfortunate that you are in a position to need a criminal appeals lawyer because that means you have been convicted of a crime.  This situation is frightening and it is very difficult on you and your family.  In most cases, there are multiple issues that can be presented to the criminal appeals court in an effort to overturn a conviction.

It takes an experienced criminal appeals lawyer to identify those issues and to present them to the court in the way necessary to maximize your chances of winning.  Now is not the time to give up.  Now is the time to hire the best criminal appeals lawyer you can find to fight for your rights.

Even Good People Make Mistakes

Texas criminal appeals lawyer Rick Wetzel understands that bad things sometimes happen to good people.  He looks beyond the criminal allegations and conviction.  He takes the time to get to know his clients and their families.   He knows from his years of experience that things are not always what they seem.   As a criminal law specialist, Rick Wetzel has spent his entire career practicing in the area of criminal law.  He has been involved in criminal appeals and habeas corpus challenges for more than 30 years.  When experience counts, Rick Wetzel is the Texas criminal appeals lawyer you want on your side.

Time Is Important In Texas Criminal Appeals

When you have been convicted of a crime in Texas, it is critically important that you consult a criminal appeals lawyer as soon as possible.  In most instances, Texas law imposes strict time limits for the filing of the proper pleadings to begin the appeal process and to preserve your right to appeal the case.  Failure to timely file the correct pleading can result in a waiver of your right to appeal.  There are time limits to present your case to a federal criminal appeals court either through a direct appeal or habeas corpus challenge.

Even if you are not sure whether you have grounds for appeal, you should consult a qualified Texas criminal appeals lawyer as soon as possible for an evaluation of the case to ensure that you do not forfeit or waive any of your rights.

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Experienced and Well-Qualified Texas Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Now that you have decided to consider a criminal appeal or habeas corpus challenge, you should talk to as many criminal appeals lawyers as necessary until you find one you are comfortable with.  Criminal appeals are a special type of case and should only be handled by a lawyer with the experience necessary to properly represent you in an appeals court.

Board certification in criminal law means the lawyer is a criminal specialist.  Fewer than 3% of all lawyers in Texas are board certified.  In addition to being a board certified criminal specialist, you should also look for a lawyer with years of experience handling Texas criminal appeals.

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Texas Criminal Appeals Are a Special Type of Case

Criminal appeals are not like criminal trials.   In the criminal trial court, lawyers ask questions and witnesses testify about the evidence.   In a criminal appeal, there are no witnesses.  The appeals court looks only at the evidence and witness testimony that were presented in the criminal trial.   Sometimes criminal trial judges make errors in their rulings about evidence, witnesses, and what can or cannot be heard by the jury.

Appeals courts review and can overturn the criminal trial judge’s decisions if mistakes were made during the criminal trial.  Additionally, the criminal appeals court can decide whether your rights under the Texas Constitution or the United States Constitution were violated.

Criminal appeals require your lawyer to identify the best claims to present to the criminal appeals court.  Appealable issues must be properly presented to the criminal appeals court in a well-written brief.  It is very important to select a Texas criminal appeals lawyer with years of experience in identifying appealable issues, thoroughly researching those issues, and then preparing an effective written brief to maximize your chance of winning before the criminal appeals court.

After the written briefs are filed, the criminal appeals court will either decide your appeal based solely on the written briefs, or the court may allow a hearing during which your Texas criminal appeals lawyer will present oral argument to the justices of the criminal appeals court.  Typically a criminal appeals court will allow 20 minutes for a Texas criminal appeals lawyer to present oral argument and answer the questions from the judges on why he should win the appeal.  An experienced and talented Texas criminal appeals lawyer can make the most of the short amount of time he has to present your case to the judges at oral argument.

It takes a skilled and experienced Texas criminal appeals lawyer to be able to “think on his feet” when the judges ask difficult legal questions challenging the claims presented in the criminal appeal.  Rick Wetzel has the skills and experience necessary to effectively present your case in the light most favorable to you.

Quality Legal Representation at a Reasonable Price

The criminal court process can be a great financial burden.  You are entitled to quality legal representation at a reasonable price.  Rick Wetzel has the experience necessary to evaluate your case and to advise you of your legal criminal appeals options either in a direct criminal appeal or by habeas corpus challenge.  He will also quote you a reasonable attorney fee that includes a complete review of the criminal trial record, all necessary legal research, and the writing of your criminal appeals brief.  There are no additional attorney fees for court appearances or oral arguments.

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Texas Criminal Appeals Lawyer Rick Wetzel

Rick Wetzel is a Texas criminal appeals lawyer representing clients in the appeal of convictions by all courts located in the state of Texas.  He is licensed to practice in every state court located in Texas, including the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and all Texas state courts of appeals including:

  • First District Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas (“the Houston court of appeals”);
  • Second District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, Texas (“the Fort Worth court of appeals”);
  • Third District Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas (“the Austin court of appeals”);
  • Fourth District Court of Appeals in San Antonio, Texas (“the San Antonio court of appeals”);
  • Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas, Texas (“the Dallas court of appeals”);
  • Sixth District Court of Appeals in Texarkana, Texas (“the Texarkana court of appeals”);
  • Seventh District Court of Appeals in Amarillo, Texas (“the Amarillo court of appeals”);
  • Eighth District Court of Appeals in El Paso, Texas (“the El Paso court of appeals”);
  • Ninth District Court of Appeals in Beaumont, Texas (“the Beaumonth court of appeals”);
  • Tenth District Court of Appeals in Waco, Texas (“the Waco court of appeals”);
  • Eleventh District Court of Appeals in Eastland, Texas (“the Eastland court of appeals”);
  • Twelfth District Court of Appeals in Tyler, Texas (“the Tyler court of appeals”);
  • Thirteenth District Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi, Texas (“the Corpus Christi court of appeals”); and
  • Fourteenth District Court of Appeals in Houston (“the Houston court of appeals”).

Rick Wetzel is also admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and every United States District Court in Texas, including:

  • United States District Courts in the Western District of Texas;
  • United States District Courts in the Southern District of Texas;
  • United States District Courts in the Eastern District of Texas; and
  • United States District Courts in the Northern District of Texas.
  • federal court within the state of Texas including the United States F